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Grindhouse Studios Athens is a recording and production facility in the center of Athens located close to Acropolis. Established in 2005 by distinguished engineer & producer George Bokos, Grindhouse Studios offer production, mixing, mastering services and have focused itself towards the heavy/ rock/ metal/ experimental genre. We welcome bands and artists from all over the world. Our client list includes artists like, Nightstalker, Melechesh, George Kollias, Rotting Christ, Wolfheart and many more independent ones like Skandal, Warhammer and Stone Cold Dead.

Our workflow combines the state of the art Pro Tools HDX system with piles of luscious analog hardware like Shadow Hills Industries, Knif Audio, Thermionic Culture, Empirical Labs, Kush Audio and monitoring by Barefoot Sound.

Grindhouse is an artistic creative place. Working in our studio with top quality gear, surrounded by unique instruments which you can simply pick up and play, provides an environment that inspires you to write great music.

“We always keep in mind, how the studio environment affects your creativity, and the music you’re working on.”

Your house for recording, mixing and mastering.

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George Bokos

Founder, Owner, Head Engineer

George is a Greek guitarist, composer, producer, and engineer, with over 20 years of experience in the rock/metal/experimental scene. He is also the founder and vocalist of the metal act Stone Cold Dead. As a guitarist, he was introduced to a wider audience in 2001 with his work in Nightfall, until 2005, when he joined the legendary Greek metal band Rotting Christ. From this moment, George became an active touring musician, and performed more than 500 shows around the globe, until 2012.
As a producer and engineer, George has worked on over 120 albums, with artists such as Nightstalker, Melechesh, George Kollias, Naxatras, Wolfheart and more. George employs a non-template philosophy, and prides himself on creating productions that present the character and individuality of each artist. His main goal is to capture outstanding performances through his engineering expertise.

George Bokos

Founder, Owner, Head Engineer

George Bokos is a Greek guitar player, composer, producer and engineer with more than 15 years of experience in the Metal/Rock scene. He is also a founder and vocalist in the metal act Stone Cold Dead. In 2005 he moves to legendary Greek band Rotting Christ, with whom George became an active touring musician and performed in more than 500 shows around the globe, till 2012. Before the Rotting Christ era, George was also a member of Obsecration (2000-2005) and Sickening Horror (2001-2003). As a producer and engineer, George has worked over the last years with artists and bands such as Melechesh, George Kollias, Unearthly, Wolfheart, and many more, in terms of engineering, production, pre-production, arrangements, mixing and mastering. 


Bill Papanikolakis

Drum specialist & technician

Bill Papanikolakis is a Greek drummer, percussion instructor, and drum technician, with a career spanning 15 years of live performance, session recording, and instrument making. He has performed with various artists such as Panos Katsimichas, Nikos Touliatos, Echodrasi, 4Bitten, and more, on big stages, at festivals, and in theaters across Europe. Bill specializes in drum setup, tunings and innovative percussive sounds. At Grindhouse Studios Athens, Bill uses his expert knowledge to prepare great sounding drums that will sing for the microphones..

John Nikolopoulos


John Nikolopoulos is an independent filmmaker, cinematographer, and editor. He is an open minded, visual storyteller, working on a variety of formats including documentaries, music videos, commercials, and short films. He is the director of the documentary ‘Pangea’, winner in the Medium Length category of On Art Film Festival 2019, and nominated for other international filmmaking awards.
He has worked with artists such as Nightfall, SixforNine, Nightrage, On Thorns I Lay, Diviner, and more, creating all types of visual projects, from live music videos to performance and narrative. At Grindhouse Studios Athens John films the entire production process, and creates high-quality studio video clips and documentaries.

Partners and Friends

Metal/Rock band formed by George Bokos among with Charis Pazaroulas.

Visit Website

Manufacturer of guitar amplifiers. The unique EOD 88 designed by Mike Fortin as also the modular RM1250 is on our amp collection. Visit Website
Boutique guitar pedals and guitar preamps. Visit Website

Website of our in house videographer who is also working as independent filmmaker, cinematographer, and editor.

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Hand-crafted microphones & the original Reflexion Filters® – built by hand, the old-school way.
We proudly use many microphones from Se’s line.

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The art and science of keeping instruments in tune and intonated. Two of our guitars are equipped with Evertune bridges.

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Creator of the world’s best speaker cabinet simulation. The Reload is our ultimate reamping tool.

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Hi end guitar amps . We are proud to have their flagship “Artemis” is on our amp list. Visit Website

Isolation guitar cabinet built by hand. The ultimate tool for a musician. Crafted with care and ready to rock!

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High quality and unique guitar and bass pickups made by Nikos Asimenios. Visit Website
Record Label focused on Black Metal and Death Metal Bands. Based in The Netherlands Visit Website
High end Pro Audio and Pro Tools dealer in Greece offering us the best customer support ever handled by Gregory Galanis. Visit Website
Design studio formed by Costin Chioreanu which is dedicated exclusively to metal, dark art and this kind of culture. Visit Website
Band Photography and Videos by Jim Evgenidis. Visit Website
Graphic design, artworks and more by Manthos Stergiou. Visit Website
Extreme metal drummer best known for his work with American technical death metal band Nile. Visit Website
Guitar player of the Prog Rock/Alternative Metal band SiXforNinE. George is making some great guitar gear related videos. Visit Website

Boutique company manufacturing 100% handcrafted and handwired pedals as also guitar related gear. Based in Athens, Greece.

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Innovative Software developers. We proudly use the incredible Drumatom.

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Absolutely killer line of guitars for the modern guitar player, no matter if you are a beginner or a professional.

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