We offer a variety of services such as recording, producing, reamping, mixing, and mastering, into a package tailored for each artist. Read the information below and let us know what you are interested in.

Recording & Producing

Looking for a skilled producer who is able to capture your vision and bring it to life?
We offer you a full production with aspects such as songwriting, composition supervision,arrangements, and inviting the right session musicians for your project if needed. Our studio is equipped with a unique instrument,microphone, and amp collection, ready for recording drums, guitars, bass, vocals, and piano.


Sculpting a mix with a “non template” philosophy

Mixing is the process where your recordings come to life and the most important step of the production after recording. We use a hybrid process that combines state-of-the-art analog outboard gear, and top-notch digital technology.


Mastering is the cherry on top of the mix, and your music will lead us to the right approach.

We work with high-end, world standard analog and tube-based equipment, and the best mastering plugins, in order to provide you with pristine sounding masters.

Stem Mastering

We gladly accept stems for mastering.

If you feel that your mix lacks width, depth, warmth, punch, glue, or dynamics,
this service might be the right choice for you.

Vinyl Mastering

Yes, we do mastering for vinyl!

We offer non-clipped and non-limited versions of our masters specifically for vinyl replication. We pay extra attention to the stereo image and frequency response, in order to meet the limitations of the vinyl format.


From vintage and creamy, to crushing high gain tones, we have the sound for you

Send us your DI tracks and we will provide you with reamped high-end
guitar or bass tones ready to be dropped into your mix.
Our massive arsenal of unique sounding amps, along with a variety of
unique cabs and pedals, provides a variety of tones to complement any genre.

Thinking out of the box, we often use reamping for vocals, keyboards,
drums, and the list goes on. The sky’s the limit. Take a look at our gear list, and don’t hesitate to contact us with your ideas.

On Location

Are you interested in getting your album recorded or produced by George Bokos, but you are not able to travel to Athens?

In that case, George makes it possible for you, by traveling to record or produce records worldwide. George can travel to work with your band in a studio near you, or at your own rehearsal place for pre-production and production.

“I will always challenge you to your maximum, in order to get the best performance out of you”
– George Bokos –


Please note that for reamping, mixing, and mastering services we provide a
preview of our work on one song. A small fee depending on the service
will be required. If you book your session for the rest of the songs, that fee will be deducted from the total.