Ready to make a great record at
Grindhouse Studios Athens?

We are thrilled! Please read the information below regarding rates, and don’t hesitate to contact us for bookings and inquiries.

*Booking requires a non-refundable deposit of 50% in order to confirm dates. All prices excluding VAT.

Recording Rates


  • A “working day” is typically 8-9 hours
  • Projects where George Bokos will be also producing besides engineering can be negotiated while booking.

Mixing Rates

Every project is unique, and requires a different approach. Therefore, prices for mixing are calculated on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for a final quote that can be determined after we review project specific.

For a full length album, we can offer a discount up to 20% off.

Please note that editing, instrumentals/playbacks, additional mixes, vocal tuning and printing stems are available at extra rate, in addition to the mixing quote.

Mastering Rates

Prices for mastering vary depending on the total number of songs. Here are the rates for the most frequent formats:

Stereo Mastering


220/EP (4songs)

550/Full-length album
(10 songs)

Stem Mastering


380/EP (4songs)

850/Full-length album
(10 songs)

A DDP for your pressing can be made and delivered to you for an extra cost of 20 Euro per album no matter the length.

Reamping Rates

Prices for reamping vary depending on the number of takes and their variety.Here are the rates for the most requested reamping services:

For two takes of rhythm guitar tracks

250/EP (4songs)

400/Full-length album
(10 songs)

For four takes of rhythm guitar tracks

300/EP (4songs)

500/Full-length album
(10 songs)

For Bass

120*/EP (4songs)

200*/Full-length album
(10 songs)

* Please keep in mind when booking for both guitar and bass, the reamping price for bass is been reduce to:
   60€ for EP (4 songs)
  120€ for full length album (10 songs)


When booking, please contact us at least one month before you would like the work to commence.